aNd Still So CrAyOlA bRoWn (xchn12x) wrote,
aNd Still So CrAyOlA bRoWn

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1. nose hurts like hell still

2. went to look at my new neighborhood and i hate it

3. saw south forsyth=confusing=i'm gonna get lost

4. house went on the market today


but on the fLiP sIdE. . .

 i get the whole third story to myself! ha, hellll yeaaaa!

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care... im really gunna miss you:(
awe i'm gonna miss you 2!
so we're DEF. going to have to
hang out before i move!


January 17 2005, 18:37:15 UTC 13 years ago

uh uh giiirrrlll.....i'm on that floor when i come home....ain't no way you call that for doesn't work that way. anywho. i love you mucho!

you can have the third floor with me
but i get the bed!
and i love you much too!