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so my mom and fucking fat ass stepdad are officially psycho. . .

and my step dad thinks that he has to be the "father" role in my life, and um yea i'm pretty sure that i have a dad, even though he lives 4 states away, i don't need his fat ass bitching self telling me what to do. . .

so here's the story i was getting pretty frustrated with chemistry bc it's hard as hell, and then i was like ughh i never learned any of this stuff last semester! and my step dad told me that it wasn't the teacher's fault that i didn't know it, it's my fault bc i'm not smart, so yea you know that's always wonderful you know way to boost my self esteem asshole!

and then i have to have surgery and my step dad told me that i didn't need it and that i was making it up, yea, you know my i love "faking" my headaches and being sick all the time and i'm pretty sure that it's NOT my fault! and also when the doctor told me that i needed it so that's pretty much a big indication that i need surgery if the doctor tells me that i do, not just me saying

and then he was yelling at parker for something that was between her and my mom and i just wish he would shut his fucking big ass mouth, for all i care, he can never speak to me again, because we DON'T get along and i get in trouble for not being "loving" to him and i mean how can you be loving to someone who gives you shit alll the time, pretty much puts you down, tells you everything that's going wrong is your fault, and just in general is a HUGE asshole!

yea, fuck this family stuff, i want to leave to get away from my step dad whom i hate VERY much and never will like him! even though my cool psycho mom gets people to talk to me saying that i should get along with him, and that everyone doesn't get along with their step dad at first but then as they get older and mature more they realize everything that he does for me, so alright, lets see what he does for me, he gives me a house to live in, but it's not safe bc i'm pretty much terrified of him so yea that's about it in all he does for me! and i'm pretty sure that i'm mature bc you know i have to listen to them tell me how my dad is a dead beat dad, but i'm pretty sure that dead beat das is one who doesn't care about his children! and he cares about us, i mean he may not be able to do EVERYTHING for us, but neither can they, they're like well why don't you get him to take you shopping, and then i always come back well the day you take me shopping is the day i get him to! and i realize that pretty much everything i want is REALLY expensive that's why i don't ask them or him! and i know my dad does what he can for us! and i really admire that, and then all i get to hear is how shitty of a dad they think he is, but if they only knew. . .

and i mean what about gary that's pretty sad if your own kids are afraid of you! don't you think? i do

and ughhh this whole family shit is completely bullshit and there's no point to it if everyone fights, i mean we can't even sit down for 20 minutes for dinner without someone getting in a fight with him. . .

so i say, fuck this
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