aNd Still So CrAyOlA bRoWn (xchn12x) wrote,
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def. done updating till i get home on the 3rd! tear! i def. DON'T want to leave! ohhhh wellll though

hope everyone had a good christmas!

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December 27 2004, 21:31:33 UTC 13 years ago

wait.. you didn't want to leave georgia or texas...??
i'm in texas
awe! im sry babe. but where r u at rite now tho?? texas or here?
lol i'm in texas!!!

yea right if i was in GA, i'd be like get me out of here!! haha
<3 youuu
lol.. yeah.. im def wantin 2 get out of gay ga rite now...

love you

yea georgia's def. the gayest place ever!


January 1 2005, 15:55:08 UTC 13 years ago

i don't want you to leave either!!!
love yall and had an awesome time
i love you caroline!!!
ps-firefighters like them hot and leave them wet!!
ah thiss week has been so much fun!
and i can't wait till spring break!
hopefully you'll be able to come down,
and i love you too! i just don't think this
break would've been the same without you or jadi
love youu and miss youuu!
Care-- ooo mi goodness.. i miss you already and you haven't even left yet.. haha your the best.. and i love you.. and i'm so glad we've become so close.. you like one of my best friends now.. haha we had alot of fun times together.. and only more to come?!!? I love you way more.. besides I was the first one to say it on new years soo there! only 3 more months...
i miss you soo much! and i don't know what i would've done this week without you! i probly would've been with dilbert! and that's just not good for anyone's health! haha i'm glad that i didn't listen to everyone either! bc yea, i would've missed out on and awesome person and best friend! and just bc you were the first one to say it on new years doesn't mean that you love me more! bc i def. love you WAYYYY more! and i'm counthing down till april!
i love you and miss you SOO much!